Our Company

Whimsicle is a gourmet fruit pop business dedicated to produce refreshing, unique, and most importantly, delicious products.These pops are made from fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients. Some major benefits of Whimsicles are gluten-free, vegan (non-dairy flavors), and they will never contain any refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Whimsicles are a healthy alternative treat for people of all ages to enjoy! The difference between Whimsicle and any other gourmet pop business is our ability to design customizable popsicles in order to fit the desires of the consumer. The pops allow for one to see the actual fruit inside and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The fruit pops are appeasing to the eye but also gratifying to the taste buds. Whimsicles are available for special occasions; from baby showers, birthday parties, and weddings to corporate events and social gatherings, Whimsicle’s are appropriate for any occasion. Please allow our pops to not only be an eye catcher, but also the center of conversation at your next event.


Our Movement

The Whimsicle Team is aware of the national childhood obesity epidemic and the significant health problems, psychological, and social issues that can be triggered by childhood obesity. Some of these issues include low self esteem, depression, bullying, social anxiety, and suicide which are very prevalent in overweight children. In response to this issue, it is our mission to ultimately change the perception of the popsicle and to strive for a healthy-eating movement; in an innovative way that the world can enjoy. By incorporating fruit pops, fashion, art, and music, the Whimsicle movement looks forward to promoting a unique and healthy lifestyle across the globe.